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Welcome to the world of PAINTING ON SILK! Leave your cares at the door, bring a friend, and step into a creative atmosphere! This is your opportunity to unwind and express yourself as we guide you through this incredible art form.
Many of the classes are in my studio in College Park, MD area. Some are in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I also travel and teach.
As an instructor, my initial goal is to teach the basic silk painting techniques. Once the students experience the drama of the “strike,” when the dyes or liquid paints hit the dry silk, they have an aha! moment. A very young student comments: “I love it, you do not need to know anything!”
Absolutely NO previous painting or art background is necessary. Even if you never picked up a brush, you can share in the joy of silk painting as you watch the dyes glide through the silk. On the other hand, if you are already an artist, you will greatly benefit from learning exquisite silk painting techniques.

I also give talks to groups, with or without hands-on, at your location or my studio. I travel and teach and will work with you or your group. All events can be scheduled during the week or weekends.
If you wish to set up a private class for a group, minimum four, we can schedule that. Call for information.

Scheduled Classes

Two-Day Introductory Silk Painting Workshop

January 6 - 7 – Saturday – Sunday

January 23 - 24 – Tuesday – Wednesday

February 13 - 14 – Tuesday – Wednesday

February 17 -18 – Saturday – Sunday

One-Day Basic Silk Painting class (using silk paints)

January 9 – Tuesday

January 30 – Tuesday

February 8 – Thursday

February 25 – Sunday

Sip & Paint on Silk

January 4 – Thursday

January 21 – Sunday

February 11 – Sunday

February 28 – Wednesday

Please contact Diane for the dates of upcoming workshops or to schedule a class at your convenience, weekdays or weekends.

If you are interested in a class, please fill out the Contact Information Form and you will be contacted for dates and costs.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Classes I teach

Two-Day Introductory Silk Painting Workshop
Two-day workshops are from 10AM to 4PM; all materials are provided as listed. This is what you can expect from this silk painting workshop: you will learn the basic silk painting techniques and vocabulary, painting seven silk pieces 12x12.
Techniques taught: Stretching — Diluting — Resisting — Spotting — Salting — Double loading — Wet-on-wet — Fabric setting — Product knowledge — In-depth discussion with many visual samples of hand painted fabrics.
PROVIDED FOR USE IN THE WORKSHOP and included in the $200 cost: silk, dyes or special liquid paints, a stretching frame and tape for frame protection, push pins to stretch the silk, plastic cups and lids, dilutant for dyes, resists and the applicators, designs, water cup, assorted brushes, salts, pens, several products for different techniques.
You bring: a bag lunch, Show and Tell in your creative medium if you wish, latex gloves.
Cost: $200.

One-Day Basic Silk Painting class (using silk paints)
You are interested in learning the basics of painting on silk within a limited amount of time. Indulge in your creative urge, sign up for this class.
Once the students experience the drama of the “strike”, when the paints hit the dry silk, they are HOOKED FOREVER! Welcome to the world of PAINTING ON SILK! Leave your cares at the door, bring a friend, and step into a creative atmosphere! This is your opportunity to unwind and express yourself as you are guided with Diane’s expertise through this incredible art form.
NO PRIOR PAINTING OR ART SKILLS REQUIRED! Even if you have never picked up a brush, you can share in the joy of painting on silk as you watch the paints glide through the silk.
Bring latex gloves and lunch, all other materials are provided.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: A brief introduction to the history of Painting on Silk in America — Basic techniques, vocabulary, product knowledge — In depth discussion with many visual samples of hand painted fabrics — Students will paint 6 pieces.

LIMITED ENROLLMENT Call for details.
Bring gloves and lunch, all other materials are provided.
Cost: $100.

Scarf Class
Once individuals are exposed to silk painting, the immediate reaction is “I want to paint scarves”! Add a brand new accessory to your wardrobe using colors which are pleasing to you. For gifting you can select colors which are flattering. You can also proudly say I did it! With basic silk painting knowledge, you can successfully paint two scarves.
ALL painting materials are provided.
BRING: Roll of paper towels, empty egg carton and lunch.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: paint two warm-up silk samples exploring several techniques and for inspiration — paint two silk scarves.
Limited enrollment.

Sip & Paint on Silk

Joining the current trend, you can now “Sip and Paint on Silk”. A QUICK, EASY and ECONOMICAL INTRODUCTION TO THIS AMAZING ART FORM!

Limited enrollment: Only ten participants, so register early

You can also bring several friends and reserve the studio on a date of your choice. Call to inquire.

Registration fee: $35.00 — Payment: PayPal - Checks, Cash

Refreshments will be served before painting: Wine, orange juice, water, cheese, gluten free crackers and “getting to know you” time!

Location: My studio, College Park, MD area - information provided at registration

Questions? 301-474-7347 or dtuckman@gmail.com


o 1 small stabilized silk to paint and sample techniques; stabilized silk to paint that fits into an 8x10 mat - 1 silk SCARF 21x21 to paint. Paints and tools.

o You will walk away with a small sampler, a matted painted silk and one completed scarf that you can wear as you leave.

Create a Masterpiece or Two (for Adults, Teens, Children)

Create a masterpiece, or two. Conquer the easy silk painting techniques. Watch as the special liquid paints flow through the silk and unusual patterns and images are created. You will be enchanted by the brilliant colors and dramatic textures possibilities. You will paint on silk but can use this skill on ALL fabrics to enhance your garments and quilts.Share this amazing experience with a friend. Excellent for an interesting hands-on project for organizations and social events.
Hours: 10AM to 1PM
Material fee.

Big Hands, Little Hands — Adult and Child Paint Together
Share in the excitement that silk painting provides for all ages as the special liquid paints flow through the silk. Easy to learn techniques will allow both child and adult to create unusual patterns and images. Bring your sense of color and adventure!
Kit fee per person
Hours: 10AM to 1PM.

Advanced Silk Art Workshops:

One-Day/One-Technique Workshop
This special class will focus on one particular technique per day: salting, wax, microwave setting technique etc.
Cost: $100.

Inspiration + Technique = Success (Two-Day Special Workshop)
This class is all about Visual Overload, so be prepared!
Prerequisite: have taken my two day introductory workshop or have in depth silk painting experience.
ALL MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED and included in the cost.
INSPIRATION: View hundreds of hand painted silk samples. Dissect, inspect and speculate on how the samples were executed with group involvement.
TECHNIQUE: Select at least two techniques of your choice from the samples. Explore these techniques by sampling them hands on.
SUCCESS: Complete a masterpiece using those two techniques, or more than two if you wish Bring lunch, Show & Tell, and gloves. You can also bring samples to discuss and inspire.
Cost: $200.

One-Day Refresher Course
So, you have taken classes, painted for a while, and need a refresher course with other silk painters to share ideas, techniques and your personal finds. All materials are provided to allow you to express your artistic vision with dyes on silk.
Cost: $100.

Lecture: “What is Silk Painting”
This is a three-hour lecture, giving everyone a chance to view many samples of painted silks, talk about them and be inspired. The endless uses and possibilities of silk painting are explored in this lecture and will open a brand new world to all for your artistic, sewing, decorating and quilting projects. You will be able to “touch and feel” the many different fabrics used for silk painting.
A hands-on component can be added for a fee.

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